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Conversational Agent for Payment Collection

Creating engaging conversational experiences to increase Payments and Debt Recovery at Interactions

Maker Kits: Creativity & Collaboration

Maker Kits are curated collections of digital asset designed to make product customization experience more collaborative and engaging. This project was sponsored by Zazzle


Mimo is a personal multimodal assistant designed to empower and promote independence in older adults

Story Oz

Story Oz is the Alexa Skill I built to encourage relationships building with kindness through interactive storytelling. Say "Alexa, open Story Oz" to give it a try

Conversation Design Library

The resource library I created to help more people step into the wonderful world of conversation design with ease


Supporting older adults to learn technology through mobile mentorship app

Eeco: E-Waste Management Platform

Helping users donate their used electronics to local communities. This is a web and mobile app project.

Interaction Technique for Foldable Phones

Designing a new interaction technique for foldable phones to enable reachability for grasping posture

Hotpot 101

Immersive website experience for hotpot lovers! Web development project coded with jQuery UI, Animate. css, and Fullpage.js

3D Etch-a-Sketch

3D Printing project for creating a tangible interface for playing interactive fabrication

Unity Game: CalorieRun

CalorieRun is a Parkour kind of game that prompts players to eat different foods to reach their calorie goal. First time exploring Unity (and yes there are bugs but still it's a fun project I want to share)