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A designer passionate about working with complex problems to create delightful and innovative user experiences. Currently designing @ Interactions. Previously @ Alibaba Cloud.


Conversational Agents for Payment Collection

Creating intelligent virtual assistants with conversational AI to increase Payments and Debt Recovery at Interactions

Designing Collaborative Experience for Product Customization

Maker Kits is a new digital service making product customization experience more collaborative and engaging for Zazzle

Magic Mirror for Older Adults

MIMO is a personal multimodal assistant designed to empower and promote independence in older adults


A mentorship mobile app that effectively matches older adults seeking technical help with students who have relevant interests and skills

Alexa, Open Story Oz

Story Oz is the Alexa Skill I built to encourage relationships building with kindness through interactive storytelling

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My curiosity extends beyond conversation design to all modes of design! Regardless of my job title, I consider myself an interdisciplinary designer and love delving into various aspects of design with fun projects which I would like to share with you (since you’ve scrolled so far)

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